That's What Friends Are For

As I awoke to the dawn of a new day, I did the usual. I stood in front of my closet in search of an outfit to wear. My closet is my sanctuary, it's chock full of familiar friends (Banana, Abercrombie, Dolce, just to name a few), and like the good friends they are, they offer me comfort when I'm feeling self-conscious, they give me advice on what accessories would look best with that dress, and most importantly they've been there with me through the good times and the bad. Never judging me or turning away from me in time of need. My outfits have been with me through some of the most important moments in my life. For example, my black-and-white graphic print dress from Banana Republic, carried me from working on the salesfloor there to the baptismal font on my birthday. And all it took was the difference between a cardigan and a sweater over it to take it from work-time preppie to spiritually-chic, in no time.

Clothes tell a story, and mine are no exception. I communicate how I'm feeling on any given day just by what type of skirt I'm wearing. Pencil skirt means I'm feeling powerful and ready to take charge. Circle skirt means I'm feeling feminine and flirty. Forget the vocal/aural means of communicating, give me a sassy skirt with a pair of heels and I'll give you something to talk about. It reminds me of when I was working at Best Buy and I was stuck in that blue shirt and khaki pant uniform every day. One Saturday I had the day off and decided to get dressed and stop by the store. Get dressed in something other than "Best Buy Blues." I threw on an Atlanta Braves Jersey and a white miniskirt with a pair of white-on-white Air Force Ones and next thing you know I was the talk of the store...for 3 months. It even landed me a date with one of my co-workers.

I stand in front of my closet and begin to take inventory of what I have (which is easy to do considering how insanely organized it is), short-sleeved tees, long-sleeved tees, short-sleeved polos in possibly every color of the rainbow, followed by 3/4 sleeved polos also in possibly every color of the rainbow, down all the way to cardigans to sweaters to track jackets to blazers (I won't even get started on the section with the pants and skirts). It's being guarded on the bottom by my 15+ pairs of shoes and on the top by my collection of handbags. Each and every one of these pieces says something about me and where I've been and where I'm headed.

It gives others glimpses into my personality, it helped me define my personality even more. It helps draw other people to me, it also helps others stay their distance. Does it make me stuck-up? No. Does it make me think I'm better than everyone else? No. Does it make me feel bad I spend so much money on "frivolous things?" No. So what does it do? Above anything else it makes me feel good about myself. And that's what friends are for.


petey said...

i wish my clothes were that loyal.

they never hook me up like that. and sadly, very unlike my real friends, i'm also trying to upgrade my wardrobe. especially like when the seasons change. if i treated my friends like i treated my clothes, everyone i know would hate me.

kia said...

my advice to you would be not to "upgrade" your wardrobe, but instead "enhance" it.

your closet is rockin', in fact i am going on record to say that it's one of the best male closets i've seen. your clothes truly show off your personality and how your mind works differently from everyone else. you're the only person i've seen go from "tokyo street", to rockin' a death cab for cutie tee to pulling off an amazing navy blue pinstripe suit.

even though you constantly make fun of it, i'm actually glad you're not like the "abercrombie-esque" guys i usually go for. you have your own style, and that's way trendier than polos and tees.